Intuitive Universal Light Language

Intuitive Universal Light Language

Practicing for 5years

Is a form of energy healing which has been described as high frequency sound and light energy which if we could see it would take the shape of sacred geometry patterns, kind of like crop circles!

It is called light language and is something that everyone can do, they might not have activated the potential yet.

The blocks of information are channelled through the practioner and moves into the chakra system where it is dispersed to different areas of the body. It can clear energy blockages, change/add DNA coding and unlock DNA coding that you may not have previously been able to access.

Clearing these blocks and having the codes adjusted allows you to step into the power of who you really are, and what your soul potential is yearning to achieve.

When channelling this frequency, I have my unphysical guides, star beings and helpers assisting to place the information in the right area. If the client is not ready to receive then the information stays blocked and may activate at a later time, this depends on the clients permissions.