In my years of practice, I’ve offered healing therapies to clients all over the world.  Here’s what my clients are saying about their experience and results:

“My family and I have been seeing Clare for over a year, both in person, as well as remotely. Regardless of our individual issues and concerns, Clare continues to amaze me with her genuine care, healing abilities, insights and guidance. Clare is an extremely intuitive healer who brings warmth, humour and authenticity to every treatment. Eternally grateful to have her supporting us on our journey.”

Lesley E. (Melbourne)

I’ve had the pleasure of having many craniosacral and light language healings from Clare over the last 2 years. Every time I’ve had a session with her it has been amazing. I go in with no expectations and leave detoxed, rejuvenated, and ready for what is next for my life. I felt so at-peace in her care. She was the first person I experienced craniosacral and she created a very high standard! Her light language healings were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. From the moment she begins my cells light up!! Allowing whatever was happening to be there as it was made the way for many clearings and realizations.

If you want to experience yourself in different and new ways, and see what else is possible in your own life, come have some sessions with Clare. There aren’t many people that I come back to again and again and trust with my body, mind, and spirit. She’s one of them and one of the best!”

Gabriel NG (Seattle USA)

It’s really amazing process where your system aligns itself to best possible for you. I felt more relaxed and rejuvenated. Mind and body both are calmer and lighter. I could feel the movement of energy in the body. Observed that how nicely system is unwinding and making me blissful. I received some insight on very important issue which was kind of getting neglected due to stress and work load. I want to thank from ,bottom of my heart, to my dear Clare , Thank you for being there and being my light buddy. Thank you.”

Yashwant V (India)

“I had a treatment from Clare in Spain whilst she was travelling Europe. She used multiple techniques, hands on, energy work and light language. It was like a full service for the body and spirit. I can highly recommend.”

Wayne Y (Spain)

“Clare has such a wonderfully open, friendly & down to earth character … she has a refreshingly honest presence & I have loved meeting her. Treatments with her have been such an amazing experience, she brings to it such a wealth of knowledge, skill & connection; as well as feeling the physical benefits, I felt such a sense of peace during my treatments & a calm clarity afterwards. Gutted we live so far apart!”

Claire S. (UK)

“I recently recieved my first session from Clare. Having recieved Craniosacral before I knew I was in for a treat. I recieved a comprehensive session receiving both physical and energetic healing and a beautiful light language transmission supporting all the healing and clearing that I had undergone. It was a long overdue reset for me and I left feeling great and grateful. Thanks so much Clare, I look forward to being back in the area so I can see you again.”

Caitlin P. (Brisbane, Australia)

“I have known Clare for many years. We have travelled together and participated in many workshops and learning/ healing experiences together.
Over this time I have been witness to her own healing and the changes in the healing she has been able to provide for others.
Most recently, her connection to me has been seemingly magnified and expanded incredibly.
A sufferer of severe Chronic pain who has been recently denied surgery due to the COVID situation, I have spent days on and off in a fetal position from the pain.
Last week, Clare worked her magic with a distance healing. It was not an immediate result, BUT, here I am over a week now, in a completely different space.
Not only has the pain reduced incredibly, but the space in my head has opened and my coping mechanisms are in flow again.
I feel the lower chakras are once again open and doing what they do best all contributing to a much better state of well being.
Thank you Clare, for what you do and how you continue to grow yourself, which only aids me more. Cause its all about me.”

Penny M. (Silvan, Victoria)

I started seeing Claire with chronic back pain, it was ruling my life both physically and mentally. During and after my treatments I could feel the energy starting to shift. My body was wanting to heal, whereas before I felt like it was just in survival mode. I could feel my mental awakening starting to switch on. Claire’s amazing healing abilities and her wonderful positive outlook changed my life, I will be forever grateful for her turning on my light bulb.”

Annette N. (Melbourne, Australia)

“I had the pleasure and the privilege of spending a month with Clare in Ecuador in November of 2018. We were participating in a breatharian workshop…experience. And since then she has taken me along on her own amazing healing journey which has facilitated my own healing journey which has facilitated my own healing.

She is a bright light within the light worker community. She is transparent; clear and bright.

When working with me she was so intuitive and giving…she facilitates profound healing. She is well connected to the higher consciousness and she is able to bring and translate the words of the Galactic Council.

I highly recommend Clare as a cranial sacral therapist! She embodies love and light.”

Linda S. (USA)

“I have been so lucky to have experienced many session’s with Clare and I am so grateful for the support and great results achieved. I had a frozen shoulder and whilst it helped to reduce the physical discomfort it also helped me to understand the emotional aspect connected to it. Highly recommend you have a treatment with her.”

Amanda D. (Melbourne, Australia)

“In the past 3 years I have had Cranial Sacral Therapy with Clare whom I used to work with and also another colleague recommended it when I told her I was suffering from a lower back pain.

After each session I always told Clare that she had a magic touch, I felt light and certainly soothed my back pain and felt my emotions and physical stress released too Its the best feeling to feel the heat rushing through my entire body just from the touch of her hands its amazing
I miss you Clare and I will miss the treatments since you have moved to Queensland but I’m wishing you all the best I know you will do well because I know this therapy works. ”

Nomonde C. (Melbourne, Australia)

Clare Allen is a practitioner that I’ve been seeing for craniosacral therapy for many years now and I find I get such relief from her treatments, whether it’s something physical or emotional that I am needing to release. However, she has moved from Melbourne and today I had an online session with her that was just as effective as if we were in the room together. My lower back pain has gone, and the chakra rebalance she did has helped me move through the negative feelings I had around lockdown and all that goes with it. I’m so grateful for the session today and I will book in again within the month, ready for the next level of awareness and growth.

Amanda D (Victoria, Australia)

“As l was a nurse by trade I was very skeptic with alternative therapies and I had never heard of light language.

But at the time I was having a lot of pain due to gout (and I do not drink so it was not due to alcohol) as I had a lot of stress which triggered an attack and prescription medication and increase water intake was not working.

Clare was recommended and although I had reservations but I was in so much pain I thought I may as well Give it ago. Not sure what to expect I found Clare to be very professional and her caring attitude was sincere and genuine.

Clare explained the issues that she found and while she was talking I could feel a warmth around these areas and a sense of peaceful presence.

At the end of the treatment I felt a calmness I did not have before and the gout pain was decreasing and the next day I could walk with out excruciating pain and by the next day I could wear a shoe.

Since this time if I have a problem l either see Clare and if it in not possible I have a long distance healing one was from England to Australia and they worked.

I have no hesitation in recommending Clare treatments, give it a go I did and I am glad l did.”

Anne F. (Melbourne, Australia)